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About Us

Bringing Mystery, Theater, and Immersive Interactive Events Together

At Sleuths Mystery Entertainment, we offer something different from your typical mystery experience. Our mysteries are crafted around the game and the experience as a whole. We blend characters, comedy, atmosphere, and a puzzle of a mystery for you to solve. Every show is unique, and every ending is different. At Sleuths Mystery, see the show, play the game, solve the mystery, and have a killer time.


Our Story

Sleuths Mystery Entertainment was formed because we saw that the other mystery companies in New England weren't reaching the true potential of the interactive mystery genre. We used our decades of experience in the industry to design a product that sets the standard. Our ground-breaking approach is to combine scripts from award-winning playwrights with an interactive event designed by award-winning game and event designers. We create immersive interactive experiences unlike any other in New England. We turn our mystery shows into an atmosphere-rich game where audiences can see the show, interrogate the suspects, find the hidden clues, solve the mystery, and, with our innovative custom-crafted solution for each and every show, have a different ending for every performance. Though there are many in the industry, we created Sleuths Mystery Entertainment to be the best. 

Sleuths Mystery and You

Sleuths Mystery Entertainment has the mystery shows and scripts you need at the price you can afford. Find out what we can do for you.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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