Sleuths Mystery Entertainment will bring comedy and mystery to you. Our groundbreaking interactive shows mix comedy, clues, and mystery in an immersive atmosphere to create a one-of-a-kind mystery experience. We have a variety of options from full shows to personalized mystery dinner parties. We have entertainment options that fit most budgets. Watch the show, look for clues, question the suspects, and see if you can solve the crime!

Perfect for:

  • Dinner Theater

  • Private Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Holiday Parties

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • and much more.

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Premier Mysteries

Our top-of-the-line mystery shows with a full cast and immersive atmosphere. We offer any genre: the original pirate mystery, wild west, Downton Abbey style, 1950s last days of radio featuring a live radio show, speakeasy, modern comedy-mystery with a live improv show as part of the performance, fantasy, medieval, 1960s spy parody, or select one custom written by our award-winning playwrights. The choice is yours. Premier Mysteries feature a full cast, professionally designed digital marketing materials featuring your branding, and 30 days of paid targeted Facebook event marketing.

Shows available:

Who Killed Jolly Roger?

by Robert J. LeBlanc

5 Person Cast/Pirate Comedy

Six months after a historic combined raid on a Spanish galley, the crews of five ships meet in the Tavern of Blackguard’s Bay to divy the treasure. Each crew is led by a Captain of ill repute. The night takes a turn to the sinister when the self proclaimed Pirate King tries to swindle the rest. In “Who Killed Jolly Roger?” you’ll be whisked away to the a den of pirates and thieves, bawdy shanties, and murder! There are four suspects over a dead man’s chest. Can you solve the crime to uncover who killed Jolly Roger?

I Love You to Death

by Robert J. LeBlanc

5-6 Person Cast/1920s Speakeasy Comedy


Too much of anything is bad, but too much mystery is just right. A boxer, a gangster, a rival, a tortured vaudevillian, a woman on the prowl, and a pair of star-crossed lovers enter the Irish Lyon Social Club. Who will leave the speakeasy alive?  The jazz plays, illegal liquor flows, and the bodies and suspects start piling up in this tale of crooked deals, jilted lovers, betrayal, and mayhem. Try to pin the suspect with the crime to find out who did the deed in I Love You to Death.

Trouble in Deadwood

by Robert J. LeBlanc

5 Person Cast/Wild Western Comedy


There's a mystery in them thar hills. It’s Deadwood, 1876, and Boss Butler wants control of the town. When he makes his move to seize it from the Widow Dawson the town pushes back. Was it Sawbones the Snake Oil Salesman, the wild woman of a tracker “Catastrophe” Jones, the outlaw gunslinger Black Bart, or was it “Hawkeye Hayes” Dawson herself? Solve the crime to find out who caused the Trouble in Deadwood.

Mystery at Upton House

by Robert J. LeBlanc

6-7 Person Cast/1940s Upstairs/Downstairs Comedy

When the Upstairs mixes with the Downstairs there's sure to be a body count. If you like Downton Abbey you’ll love the interactive mystery comedy of Mystery at Upton House. Welcome to Upton House, where the esteemed Lady Headly Steadly-Proud, Countess of Crawley, is hosting a gathering to raise money for the orphans of the War. As the Battle of Britain rages above London, Upton House provides a country respite away from the nightly bombings. Mystery abounds after the events of the night turn sinister. Was it Rowley the Butler, Mrs. Cassidy the Maid, Edgar the disowned son, Maggie the mysterious woman, or Chief Superintendent Kitchen?


Mystery at Grand Malarkey

by Robert J. LeBlanc

6 Person Cast/Mystery at a Comedy Improv Show


Surviving the night takes a little improvisation. Grand Malarkey is the funniest improv troupe in town and owner Artie Close worked hard to make it that way. Deals were cut, favors were called in, and mistakes were made – mistakes that could get someone killed. If you like 'Whose Line is it Anyway' you’ll love the interactive mystery comedy of Mystery at Grand Malarkey.


Last Days of Radio - Mystery at KDED

by Brian Files


6 Person Cast/1950 Comedy-Mystery at a Radio Show


In the last days of radio, silence is murder. It’s 1952 and Mystery is afoot during the live broadcast of the Buck Brick Show at KDED radio. Owner Russ Spring is about to make a decision that could mean the end of the station and the careers of everyone involved. When a body is discovered they find that dead air is something everyone will pay for. Even with a killer on the loose, the show must go on.


And many more.


Gumshoe Mysteries

Our wild and crazy anything-can-happen custom mysteries in any genre or theme. Gumshoe Mysteries feature a full cast and professionally designed digital marketing materials featuring your branding.

Usual Suspects Game

Our custom mystery parties designed around your guest list. You are the suspects, we solve the crime, in any genre or theme. Usual Suspect Mysteries feature full branded paperwork, a mystery liaison to help guide you through the planning, and one or more detective performers to MC the night.

Guilty Party

You are the suspects and need to play party games to solve the mystery. Guilty Party Mysteries feature full branded paperwork, mystery liaison to help guide you through the planning, custom-designed party games, and one or more detective performers to MC the night.

We have the entertainment option to meet your budget. Contact us for pricing.